Error In Fedex Tracking- Mistake Or Not?

Here at refund retriever, we recently expanded our office space in preparation of our new marketing coordinators arrival. We went on Amazon and purchased an office chair. And for toner cartridges, the toner was delivered by FedEx Express on Friday at about 223 in the afternoon.

So around 3:30 I decided to check Amazon for the status of the office chair. The status was changed to a delivery attempted business closed due to holiday around 1251. I also tracked the package directly on FedEx comm saw the.

Same thing. So the problem here is we'd been in the office in 755 in the morning, how come FedEx claimed they attempted to liver, a package at 1251 while six people were here considering they delivered a package at 2:23 was this an error in FedEx is data that the driver hit a wrong button, or as this status put in there. So the package was not eligible for a money-back guarantee because each and every FedEx Ground and Express packages, guaranteed to arrive on time, or the shipping costs are fully. Refundable so we decided to ask the driver about the tracking history when he showed up around 3:50. This is of course, 20 minutes after the package I looked on the tracking for this thing. It said, you guys attempted to deliver it.

It like 1251. Not this one I looked at it and said that 1251 business closed 144, is it? Then yeah, why would that be on there? I have no idea you got this brought me a bunch of crates. It was late.

Okay, yeah. When I got it for just those all right we're just and even on my route.Oh, now somebody else handed it off to you. Well, real strange gotta get him to me as a manager. He said, came in late.

Okay, are you crying? I just got it. So okay, I even said, the circumstances were real strange. He told us. Ed, his manager had recently brought him a bunch of freight that was late this wasn't, even the drivers route if you ship with FedEx or UPS and need help finding your late packages and billing mistakes. Let refund retriever help.