The Grammar That Defines Lexical Syntax

The Grammar that Defines Lexical Syntax

Understanding grammar is essential to becoming a proficient English speaker. For students of English, it is important to know the different types of grammar and how they work together to create meaningful sentences. One type of grammar that is particularly important is lexical syntax, which defines how words and phrases relate to one another. In this blog post, we will discuss what lexical syntax is and how it can help students of English become better communicators.

What is Lexical Syntax?

Lexical syntax, also known as word order, is the order in which words and phrases are placed in a sentence in order to create a meaningful message. In English, the most commonly used word order is subject-verb-object, which means that the subject of the sentence (what is being spoken about) comes first, followed by the verb (the action being taken), and then finally the object (the thing that is receiving the action). For example, in the sentence “John ate an apple”, John is the subject, ate is the verb, and apple is the object.

However, the subject-verb-object word order is not the only type of word order used in English. There are many other word orders that are used to convey different meanings, such as the passive voice, the emphatic voice, and the interrogative voice. Each of these word orders has its own set of rules and conventions, so it is important for students to understand them in order to communicate effectively.

How Does Lexical Syntax Help Students?

For students of English, understanding lexical syntax can be helpful in improving their ability to communicate effectively. By knowing which word order to use for each sentence, students can avoid making grammatical mistakes and convey their meaning accurately. Additionally, by using different word orders, students can make their sentences more interesting and add emphasis to certain words or ideas.

Furthermore, understanding lexical syntax can also help students become better readers. By knowing the different word orders and how they are used, students can better understand the sentences they read, which will help them to become more proficient readers.


Understanding lexical syntax is an important part of mastering the English language. By knowing which grammar defines lexical syntax, students can improve their ability to communicate and understand the language more effectively. By understanding the different word orders, students can make their sentences more interesting and add emphasis to certain words or ideas. With a good understanding of lexical syntax, students can become better communicators and readers.